In An Effort To Give Rangers Fans The Most Comprehensive World Series Coverage, Newy Scruggs Reports On The Weed Smoking In San Francisco

It has been noted that this is the first World Series appearance for the Texas Rangers. So it’s pretty safe to say that the organization is learning how to handle being in the World Series on the fly. But the Rangers aren’t the only ones learning on the fly.

The Dallas media, not having had to cover a World Series, is also working out the kinks on what exactly comprehensive World Series coverage is. And that’s where the guy pictured with Terrell Owens over there comes in.

His name is Newy Scruggs and he works for NBCDFW. Scruggs made the trip to San Francisco to cover the Rangers’ World Series experience, but he found himself covering his experience with all the weed smoking in San Francisco.

Newy Scruggs from NBCDFW said during his live report that people next to him “are smoking weed.” The anchors then asked, “Is it legal there?” Ask that question again next week.

Scruggs didn’t do any real trash talking, unless you consider saying Giants fans are high on pot. He quickly added that we were “nice people,” but said that was in part because we were “half buzzed out.”

The anchors back in Dallas recommended Newy hold his breath.

Newy came back at the following newscast and went even further. He claimed to have found the location of the pot smokers behind a rock on the banks of McCovey Cove and whined, “Police aren’t even doing anything!”

Comprehensive with a capital C.

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