If The Giants End Up Winning The World Series, The ‘Rally Thong’ Will Be The Reason

Rally thong

We all know about the San Francisco Giants’ stellar pitching staff. But that may not be the reason that the Giants are on the brink of advancing to the World Series. The real reason just might be a red thong worn by Aubrey Huff. A diamond studded one at that.

As you probably know, back on Aug. 30, Aubrey Huff began wearing his lucky red thong with rhinestones that spell “PAPI” on the waistband. Well, it turns out Papi is the name of the company.

So, totally unsolicited, they sent three huge dress-size boxes filled with thong underwear in every color of the rainbow to AT&T Park, ATTN: A. Huff. No joke, these boxes stood 3 feet tall. And Huff became a giddy, thong-flinging Santa Claus this morning, distributing them to everyone in the clubhouse.

Yes, a giddy grown man was throwing red thongs at other grown men in a MLB clubhouse. If that isn’t awkward enough, how about we crank up the awkwardness by adding San Jose Mercury News’ Andrew Baggerly to the mix.

So yes, the “Rally Thong” is now a team-wide concept. But Huff is sticking to the original. The Giants are 25-12 since he began wearing it, after all.

And then, he and I had a “Mean” Joe Green moment.

“Here you go,” he said, tossing me a thong.

I protested. He insisted.

And now I know Huff really does hold me in high esteem. It’s a size XL.

Well alright then.

Aubrey Huff gets into the thong distribution business (San Jose Mercury News)

Thongs All Around for Giants (NBC Bay Area)

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