How Much Longer Will Phillips last In Big D?

Cowboys’ head coach Wade Phillips has been under constant scrutiny since becoming Dallas’ head man in 2007.

Phillips, known as a defensive head coach, has led his Cowboys to a 1-3 record thus far this season.

Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner/Supreme head coach, has had patience with Phillips and even gave him a 2-year extension in the off season.

Officially, Phillips isn’t on the hot seat, but if the Cowboys fail to make the playoffs, he’ll be in a comfy seat at home.

While addressing the media on Wednesday, Phillips jokingly responded, ” If we had any coaching at all we’d be in good shape.”

That’s full on levity from a man that will soon be out of a job.

Cowboy’s Wade Phillips:”If we had any coaching at all we’d be in good shape.” (Fox Sports)

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