Fans Came To See Italy And Serbia Play A Little Soccer, Instead They Saw A Riot

The Italy and Serbia Euro 2012 qualifying match was going as planned for a good 6 minutes, and then all hell broke loose. It was at that point that some Serbian supporters turned the stadium into a war zone. All in response to the Serbian government’s promise to protect a gay pride parade.

The kick-off at the Luigi Ferraris stadium was delayed after Serbian fans threw flares in the direction of the north stand, where Italian supporters were seated, and on to the pitch.

And only six minutes of play was possible before Scottish referee Craig Thomson called a halt to proceedings because of more flares being set off and fireworks being thrown on to the pitch, one of which landed near Italy goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano.

“It was impossible to play in that goal. I would have had to constantly turn around to avoid the fireworks. It wouldn’t have been nice to get hit in the head,” added Viviano.

And of course, there’s video of the melee.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    "All in response to the Serbian government’s promise to protect a gay pride parade." -That's wrong.
    You can see in the video that the Serbians are burning the Albanian flag. They did that because they THINK that Kosova is still a part of Serbia, which is NOT true.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Those idiots must have really impressed the children, eh? And they set such a good example for everyone; sportsmanship, fair play, love of the game, indendiaries.

    I guess the First World War really isn't over… in some places.

    So where are the police in all this? What do they get paid for? Where are the futball governing bodies, who stand by and allow this shit to happen? Where are the local governments? The team owners?

    Who the heck let the guy in with the ski mask and flares? Wouldn't you think that would be a red flag for anybody?


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