Duke Co-ed Ranks Suitors Sexual Prowess in Powerpoint

Karen Owens

Recent Duke University graduate, Karen Owen, brunette on left, wrote an amazing senior thesis in May. The title, ‘An Education beyond the Classroom: Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics.’

No, she is not referring to the art of studying while laying down, but rather a chronicle, in detail, of her sexual encounters with Duke University athletes, most of which from the infamous lacrosse program.

Owen crafted a 42-page Powerpoint, allegedly for fun, that she sent to three friends who eventually sent it to others around the web.

In the Powerpoint, the Duke graduate ranked 13 male Duke athletes according to their sexual performance while with her. Some of the encounters took place in the library, cars and several other places.

The subjects, as she called them, were named and even pictured in the Powerpoint. On a 1-10 scale some received favorable scores, while one poor guy earned a 1. Can you say lawsuits?

What we learned? This was not an accident. The Powerpoint was too well put together to be a joke to share among friends. Owen knew perfectly well that this Powerpoint would be leaked to the world over the Internet.

Secondly, if a guy had done this, they would already be in jail; double standard. So far she’s had this story featured on the Today Show, had an interview with Jezebel.com and has caught the attention of publishers.

If smart, Duke head coaches could use this as a recruiting tool. Imagine the pitch. “We are one of the best academic universities in the country, we have top notch technology and we have co-eds willing to have sex with you for the sake of research”.

Groupie Karen F. Owen Does powerpoint on Duke athlete’s sexual prowess (The Fat Whiteguy)

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  1. I am deeply saddened that a prestigious college such as Duke University could allow such an ignorant piece of garbage to suffice as a student’s final thesis paper. If it were an African American student at a predominantly Caucasian college there would be a need for suspension. It does not take a genius to write such ridiculous, unimpressive yet unimaginable piece of crap, truly people its not even worth grading . . . HECK a thirteen year old child can write much better. How the heck did she graduate with that junk!!
    I wonder how many African American students were denied to graduate with an appropriate thesis paper just for grammar errors! Duke should be ashamed . . .

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