Dan Gilbert Still Not Apologetic About Lebron James Comments

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert refuses to offer up an apology about making unflattering statements about Lebron James.

In July, after James one hour special, ‘The Decision,’ aired on ESPN, Gilbert released a rant-filled letter to Cleveland fans that labeled James a “coward” and “narcissistic.”

“I don’t regret it,” commented Gilbert in a recent interview with WKNR radio, “that letter was to the fans and supporters of the Cavaliers and not to the player that left.”

Gilbert was fined $100K by commissioner David Stern after the letter was initially released. For Gilbert’s sake, I hope the commissioner didn’t hear his steady approval of those heinous comments.

Gilbert, included in the letter, stated that the Cavs would win a championship before James would. When recently asked that same question, his response in a nut shell, “We’ll see what happens.” I guess reality has finally set in.

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has no regrets about Lebron James letter (FOX Sports)

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