Brazil And China Forgot To Be Friendly While Playing Their ‘Friendly’ Basketball Game

I’ve always wondered why international games that don’t count are called a “friendly”. Why don’t we just refer to them as “games that don’t count” or even better, an “exhibition”. And also, how can we continue to refer to them as a “friendly” when the players don’t act friendly?

Case in point, this “friendly” basketball game between China and Brazil which ended in the two teams getting together for a friendly brawl.

Trouble began when a referee called a foul by Chinese players and the decision prompted protests by the Chinese players and team coach.

Play became rough until finally, open fighting broke out on the court.

Players from both benches joined in the melee of players throwing kicks and punches at each other.

Play was stopped and the teams separated – but China’s players then attacked the Brazilians on their way to the locker room.

The Brazilians refused to consider any return to play.

Both teams – including several wounded and at least one Chinese player in a neck-brace – returned to Beijing from the central city of Xuchang on Wednesday.

Nothing says friendly more that sending a friend home in a neck-brace, right?

And now, an instructional video of how a friendly brawl comes to fruition.

All that is missing is the Golden Girls theme playing in the background.

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