And Now, A Word From Charles Barkley About Gambling, David Kahn, & ‘The Decision’

Yeah, I like to gamble. And I’m going to keep gambling. And I just have to tell people, if they don’t like it, they can kiss my ass. Fuck ’em. You know, I quit gambling for a while. But then I was like, “Why am I quitting gambling? I don’t have a problem.”

David Kahn.
Who? Oh, the guy in Minnesota? [Yes, the much maligned Timberwolves exec.] Well, you know, he’s got point guard covered. I think he’s just trying to draft every player who’s close to him in height.

“The Decision.”
Ridiculous. I said it was a “punk move,” but I wish I hadn’t used the word punk. Because the media, man, they are frickin’ idiots. I knew they were gonna say I was calling LeBron a punk, which I wasn’t. I’m a big LeBron James fan, but I hated that “Decision” thing, and I hated when they dancing around onstage in Miami.

You may now return to the rest of your day.

Why, Yes, Charles Barkley Has an Opinion About That (GQ)

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