Your NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

Mark Sanchez and Ray Lewis shake it out

The NFL kicked off the start of its 2010 season with great games across the board last week. There was even a good game between two of the league’s worst teams last season in the Bucs and Browns. But now, week one is in the books which means it’s time to get crackin’ with the rankings. FYI people, the NFL isn’t like college football where if you lose one game you season goes tumbling down the hill. So don’t expect to see Da Bears ranked ahead of the Vikings just because they’re “undefeated” and the Vikings took a L. With that being said, here are your week 1 rankings.

1. New Orleans Saints (1-0) – Once again Nawlins found a way to eek out a win against Minnesota. It wasn’t pretty but they got the job done so they hold the fort down at number one.

2. Green Bay Packers (1-0) – They got the win in Philly, but losing starting running back Ryan Grant may hurt them towards the middle of the season.

3. Baltimore Ravens (1-0) – Ray Lewis and company showed why they should still be feared around the league, even without safety Ed Reed.

4. New England Patriots (1-0) – Tom Brady looked like his old self after picking apart the so called “solid” Bengals defense. Wes Welker also looked great after coming back from a season ending injury last year.

5. Minnesota Vikings (0-1) – Injuries, the Saints, and the Packers could kill any hopes of Mr. Favre going out on top.

6. Houston Texans (1-0) –They finally are able to get a win against Indy and looked damn good doing so.

7. New York Jets (0-1) – Defense wins championships, but offense wins games. The Jets lack offense which is why they lost.

8. Indianapolis Colts (0-1) – The AFC South just got a whole hell of a lot more interesting with the Manning’s loss to Houston on Sunday.

9. Washington Redskins (1-0) – As soon as the Redskins signed McNabb they became an instant contender and they went out and proved it against the Cowboys Sunday night.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0) – Each game Pittsburgh wins without Big Ben should scare every team around the league more and more…just sayin’.

11. Dallas Cowboys (0-1) – All the Super bowl talk should calm down after they got a rude awakening on Sunday. They will be lucky to even make the playoffs let alone the Super Bowl.

12. Tennessee Titans (1-0) – Don’t underestimate Tennessee’s D, and with an offense that could in many ways become unstoppable with the progression of Vince Young, this team could be dangerous.

13. Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) – The Chiefs defense shocked me in many ways Monday night. If the running game continues to be strong we could have a new king of the AFC West.

14. New York Giants (1-0) – Eli Manning tossing three picks could be a sign of things to come as he continues to try and find that go-to wide out he hasn’t had since Plaxico Burress.

15. Cincinnati Bengals (0-1) – The Bungals, I mean Bengals, didn’t look too good against top competition on Sunday. I don’t see them winning the North. Point blank period.

16. San Diego Chargers (0-1) – Shocking loss Monday in Kansas City. Phillip Rivers should be doing everything in his power to get receiver Vincent Jackson back on the team to stretch the defense.

17. Arizona Cardinals (1-0) – They struggled against the Rams, which is why they find themselves in the same position as they were in last week’s rankings even though they got the W.

18. Atlanta Falcons (0-1) – Matt Ryan passed for over 250 yds Sunday and they still only managed nine measly points…not good.

19. Philadelphia Eagles (0-1) – Was it just me or did the entire Eagles team look more energized once Mike Vick entered the game; I smell quarterback controversy in Philly.

20. Seattle Seahawks (1-0) – Maybe the happy go lucky style of Pete Carroll will help turn around the boring Seahawks that we have grown used to over the past couple of years. They looked good on Sunday against a team many, including myself, had winning the NFC West in the 49ers.

21. Jacksonville (1-0) – If you are a Jacksonville native you understand that last week’s game against Denver was a must win. At least they finally gave the fans something to cheer about.

22. Miami Dolphins (1-0) – This team will be a work in process with Chad Henne playing his first full season. So Miami gets a pass for struggling with the Bills.

23. Chicago Bears (1-0) – They won a game they really shouldn’t have won. To the Lions which makes it worse. That is why they drop one spot from last week, even with the win.

24. San Francisco 49ers (0-1) – When Alex Smith throws the ball 45 times in one game, it spells disaster for the 49ers and that’s exactly what Sunday’s game was.

25. Denver Broncos (0-1) – Guess I won’t be able to pick on the Jaguars anymore; the D really needs to pick it up especially in the secondary.

26. Carolina Panthers (0-1) – The Panthers may as well throw rookie Jimmy Clausen into the fire now if starter Matt Moore is going to continue to play for the opposing team every Sunday.

27. Detroit Lions (0-1) – It must really suck to be a Lions fan right about now. They had possibly their only win of the season taken from them by none other than the NFL.

28. Tampa Buccaneers (1-0) – In a game between two of last season’s worst teams, the Bucs looked below average.

29. Buffalo Bills (0-1) – Same ol sorry Bills if ya ask me.

30. St. Louis Rams (0-1) – Sam Bradford played like a rookie and blew the game for St. Louis.

31. Oakland (0-1) – In usual Raider fashion they took the biggest beating in week 1 action.

32. Cleveland (0-1) – This spot was reserved for Oakland but blowing a 14 point lead to the Bucs means you deserve to be number 32.

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