Your NFL Game Of The Week: Patriots vs Jets

New England Patriots @ New York Jets, September 19, 2010 4:15pm

Record 0-1

Randy Moss vs Darrelle Revis

Last week’s game between the Vikings and Saints started me off on the wrong foot with the Saints barely getting by Minnesota in a close defensive game. This week’s game shouldn’t shape up to be the same way at all with two teams that play completely different styles of football. In what could be considered to be for AFC East supremacy early in the season, this Jets-Patriots matchup could be a real good one. Trash talk was at an all time high when these two teams met last year with both teams splitting the season series and it seems to be picking up steam again with this week’s “slouch” talk between Randy Moss and Darrelle Revis.

Key Matchups

Randy Moss vs. Darrelle Revis:
Moss was right when he said that in the two games last year, Revis had safety help over the top. Especially on Moss’ deep routes. They will be going at it again Sunday and I expect much of the same. Let’s get this straight. No one guy has ever been able to cover Randy Moss and no matter how good everyone claims Revis is, he can’t either so he will once again need help over top from whomever else is back there in the secondary with him.

Mark Sanchez vs. New England Defense: I have no problem with giving Mr. Sanchez a pass for last week’s performance against the Ravens defense. But another bad performance against a much weaker New England D won’t get him the same treatment and you can bet the talk of New York will be that he just isn’t ready, which I believe is the case anyway. The running game has to help Sanchez though. Rex Ryan has to know this so I look for him to try and establish the run so that they can set up play action later on in the game. If the running game is successful then Sanchez should be able to manage the game and lead his team to a victory.


Bill Belichick vs. Rex Ryan: Deep down I believe Rex Ryan is very afraid of Belichick. I mean he talks about the guy more than almost any other coach in the league and that’s just to say that he isn’t afraid? Get real. I’m starting to think that Rex isn’t as good of a head coach as he wants us to believe as he doesn’t seem to ever make any adjustments to his team. That won’t work in the NFL as you have to learn to make smart decision and that doesn’t include blitzing every play and hoping that your corners can cover the other teams receivers. Each corner for New York was somewhat exposed last week especially poor rookie Kyle Wilson. Belichick will be sure to expose this weakness in Ryan’s team and I think that will be the deciding factor of the game.


New England 20, New York 17: I believe it will be a close game that New England wins. The 20 points for the Pats is for my respect of the Jets defense, but if Tom Brady is really back to his ’07 form, this game won’t be close.

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