What We Learned: College Football’s Week 4

Texas gets upset by UCLA

Week 4 is in the books. Let’s see what we learned.

Texas was overrated from the beginning. 

Texas came into the UCLA game with the top rushing defense and got ran through for 264 yards at home. Garrett Gilbert didn’t look impressive and their running attack is just terrible. Texas has to put this loss behind them quickly because Oklahoma is waiting for them on Saturday.

The Big East conference is in shambles.

West Virginia was the only team in the Big East that was ranked in the top 25. After Saturday’s loss to LSU, the Big East has no ranked teams and looks like a mid major conference at this point. I doubt anyone cares about who wins the Big East this year unless you’re a fan of a team in that conference.

Steve Spurrier costs his team a victory against Auburn. 

Steve Spurrier’s ego got in the way again when he pulled Stephen Garcia for true freshman Connor Shaw late in the 4th quarter. Garcia, who for the most part, was playing good fumbled the drive before which led to him being pulled for Shaw. I wouldn’t be shocked if the players lost respect for Spurrier because his ego lost them the game.

Say good-bye to Mark Richt.

Seems like we learn something every week about Richt and this weekend we found out he is going to get canned. After getting beat by Mississippi State, the nail is in the coffin for him. But where does Georgia go from here? This is a deep year in Georgia as far as recruits and with Richt gone, they won’t be able to cash in.

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