What We Learned: College Football’s Week 2

Week 2 is in the books. Let’s see what we learned.

Florida State players after losing to Oklahoma

The ACC had a very bad day.

FSU got slapped around by Oklahoma, Miami gets beat soundly by Ohio State, Virginia Tech gets upset by James Madison, and Georgia Tech loses to Kansas. This was a chance to show the nation what the ACC is made of and they pooped the bed.

Denard Robinson is the Heisman frontrunner and no one else is close.

After accounting for 502 yards total offense, Robinson is in a league of his own right now. The only question is can he stay healthy because he carries the ball a lot and those hits are going to take a toll.

Boise State’s national title hopes just took a huge hit.

We all knew that Boise State needed Virginia Tech to keep winning to make their victory over them look good. With James Madison pulling the upset, Boise State will get overlooked again come BCS selection time.

UCLA is underachieving big time.

After getting spanked 35-0 at home by Stanford, the Bruins are a disappointing 0-2 and Rick Neuheisel is left searching for answers. With USC on probation, you would think UCLA would try to make a move, but they keep going backwards.

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