Teddy Bruschi’s Scouting Report On Mark Sanchez Includes “Tanks It” And “Frontrunner”

Teddy Bruschi

The long awaited game between the Jets and Patriots this weekend has brought forth excitement, trash talking, and blatant homerism from former players. Today’s “blatant homerism from a former New England Patriots player” comes from ESPN analyst, Teddy Bruschi.

In his “analyst” role, Bruschi decides to give his opinion on Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez. And let’s just say he isn’t impressed.

But that shouldn’t surprise you at all.

“I’ve got a big concern with the New York Jets, and that’s the quarterback, and that’s a huge concern,” Bruschi said. “As you saw in the offseason, all the confidence that Rex Ryan has, it exudes to his team.

“But when Sanchez gets going and things are going well, I think he’s a great quarterback. His attitude is infectious. He’s a leader of that team. But when things go bad I think he tanks it. Right now I see Mark Sanchez as a front-runner, and that’s not something that you want at that quarterback position.

“A quarterback should have to lead his team when you’re down one point with two minutes left to go on Monday night. You should have that sort of aura about yourself that wants to lead your team down the field.”

I haven’t played in the NFL. Nor am I a Mark Sanchez fan. But I do have this uncanny ability to realize that Mark Sanchez is only in his second season. Guess that something Bruschi doesn’t have the ability to realize. Especially when Mark Sanchez is about to go up against his New England Patriots.

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