Rex Ryan And His Jets Are The NFL’s Best…….Trash Talkers

Rex Ryan The New York Jets have been talking trash, consistently, for more than a year now and they have nothing to show for it.

Sure, they managed to back their way into the 2009 playoffs and grabbed a couple of victories, but their growing overconfidence has become annoying.

For no apparent reason, the Jets believed they should be feared and, delusions of grandeur, actually believe they have a chance to win the Super Bowl, this year.

Plausible? I think not.

Their “leader” QB Mark Sanchez, threw 20 interceptions last year and started the 2010 season with a stinker. He was 10 for 21, 74 yards and no TD’s in the Jets 10-9 loss against the Ravens on Monday.

Yet, he has the nerve or should I say balls to jump in front of cameras and proclaim his team’s greatness while he should be content with the reality of their mediocrity.

A few reason why the Jets won’t even make the playoffs this year: Mark Sanchez, enough said. Their Nose Tackle Kris Jenkins is out for the season and they don’t have a clear cut No.1 running back. L.T. or ‘The Fumbler’ Shonne Greene.

Their HBO show, “Hard Knocks,” is entertaining, but watching them play is 3 hours of sports entertainment hell.

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