Penn State Mascot Gets To Sit At Home For A Month And Think About All His Drinking

Penn State's mascot has a drinking problem

The weeks leading up to the NCAA football season has been littered with players being suspended. The latest suspension though, doesn’t involve a player. Instead, it involves a mascot.

The man behind the mascot at Penn State is in trouble with the law.
Police in State College, Pa., issued an underage drinking summons to Clint Gyory on Aug. 24. He was also cited for public drunkenness and criminal mischief on August 1.

Gyory was supposed to don the Nittany Lion costume for Saturday’s opener against Youngstown State. But athletic department officials say he’s been suspended for a month.

An athletic department spokesman says someone else will wear the mascot costume this month and appear at all football games and other scheduled events.

Penn State mascot cited for drinking, suspended (AP)

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