Packers RB Grant Out For Season: Adjust Your Fantasy Rosters

Ryan Grant out for the year Sunday proved to be a sad day for many NFL franchises and fantasy team owners alike; injuries were rampant.

The Green Bay Packers didn’t escape the weekend unscathed either. At this very moment, they are probably looking to add another RB to their roster.

Midway through Sunday’s 27-20 win over the Eagles, the Packers Ryan Grant hobbled off the field with an ankle injury.

Well, that ankle injury proved to be season ending injury.

Grant a 6-year pro, has rushed for over 1200 yards in each of the last two seasons as the Packers starting RB.

Moving forward, the Packers will presumably insert backup RB Brandon Jackson into the starting role.

Brandon Jackson was the Packers second round pick in 2007 and has served as a backup since.

Fantasy owners, adjust your rosters carefully. Drop Ryan Grant, he’s done for the year, and pick Jackson if he hasn’t already been scooped up in your league.

Packers’ Grant out for season (FOX Sports)

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