The Older Brett Favre Gets, The More Money He Makes

Brett Favre

Brett Favre is old. We all know and understand this. What we don’t understand is how he is continually able to get people to pay him for being old.

The Jets did it.

The Vikings are doing it.

Wrangler is doing it.

And now, a company called Rise-N-Shine, LLC wants to do it too. And we’re not talking about a little chump change here either. Rise-N Shine, LLC is prepared to pay Favre $1 million over 5 years just for the privilege of getting rid of his gray hair.

Yeah, it’s not a ton of money, but how much have you been offered for your gray hair lately? Oh, nothing? Exactly.

There’s a new pill that makes gray hair disappear, promising to reverse and prevent gray hair at the root. Rise-N-Shine, LLC, makers of Go Away Gray™, produce an all-natural pill containing the enzyme Catalase, which replaces the decreasing amounts of Catalase lost in our bodies as we grow older. Featured on ABC News, BBC, NBC and FOX, the company wants to spread the word by offering $1,000,000 to Brett Favre to get rid of his gray hair for five consecutive years.

The product was developed by Cathy Beggan, a mother of three and long-time proponent of natural remedies: “When Anderson Cooper didn’t accept our offer last month (after all, he’s a Vanderbilt), we decided to go after somebody that was going to be in the public eye week after week, reaching our core audience. And it doesn’t help that he’s an athletic and handsome devil.”

Brett playing second fiddle to Anderson Cooper? What is the world coming to?

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