Let’s Start The Week By Reliving Calvin Johnson’s Touchdown Catch That Wasn’t

By now, you’ve seen the Calvin Johnson touchdown catch that the NFL decided wasn’t a touchdown catch. And by now, the sting of it all has subsided just a little. Unless you’re this guy, of course.

As for me, the whole thing put me in quite a bind. On one hand, I have Calvin Johnson on one of my fantasy football teams, and I surely could’ve used the points. On the other, I’m a Chicago Bears fans, I we surely needed that win.

So am I pissed? H naw! I’ll gladly take that W.

As for you, if you’re not already pissed, here’s the video to get you there. If you’ve calmed down from yesterday, get ready to be pissed all over again.

It’s Monday. You allowed to be pissed, right?

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