Jay Mariotti Pleads No Contest To Domestic Violence Charge, Gets Probation And Community Service

Jay Mariotti

The legal issues for Jay Mariotti came to an end to when he plead no contest to a misdemeanor domestic violence charger. As a part of his plea agreement, six other misdemeanors were dropped and he will be on 3 years probation, have to perform 40 days of community service, complete a 52-week domestic violence course, and he must stay away from the victim.

“Jay is very pleased to have this matter behind him and is anxious to get back to work,” said Mariotti’s attorney Nick Hanna. “While we are confident he would have prevailed at trial, the process would have been long and expensive. Today’s resolution — a no contest plea to a low-level misdemeanor with all of the other charges dismissed — ends the matter once and for all.”

Now, we wait and see what exactly ESPN and FanHouse does with Mr. Mariotti.

ESPN personality Jay Mariotti pleads no contest to misdemeanor domestic violence charge (LA Times)

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