Jacory Harris Received Racially Motivated Message After Loss To Ohio State

Jacory Harris

After entering the season with high hopes, it seems that some have soured on Jacory Harris after the Hurricanes’ loss to Ohio State. So much so that Harris says that he has received a racially motivated message on Twitter.

Miami quarterback Jacory Harris said he received at least one racially motivated hate message following the Hurricanes’ loss to Ohio State last weekend.

Harris said Sunday he received at least one comment on Twitter from someone saying the Hurricanes should not have “a black quarterback,” making the revelation five days after the school told its football players to discontinue using the social messaging site.

“Not really worried about it,” Harris said. “I know people say things like that. It’s part of the sport. Got to get used to it.”

“It’s flat-out wrong,” Miami athletic director Kirby Hocutt said. “It’s sad. It’s disappointing. In a position that we celebrate, living in one of the most diverse communities in our nation, to have this type of behavior is appalling. It’s not tolerable. Jacory is a very talented young man. We’ll just continue on focusing to do the right things and rise above these type of comments.”

Harris got hate message after Ohio State loss (AP)

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