Jack Clark Decides That He’s Done Discussing Those “Poopy In Their Pants” St. Louis Cardinals

Jack Clark

St. Louis’ favorite ranter has decided to sit the rest of the season out. Not because of the backlash stemming from his criticisms of the St. Louis Cardinals, but because he suddenly he has better things to do.

[Jack] Clark had been scheduled to appear as an analyst last Monday on FSM’s Cards postgame show, a role he has filled on a part-time basis the past two seasons. But FSM general manager Jack Donovan said Clark decided not to participate in that program or to make the handful of other appearances for which he had been scheduled as the Cardinals play out the string.

To most logical people, this “decision” shouldn’t be surprising. So Clark’s decision makes perfect sense to me. There’s just no way he can top the “poopy in their pants” analysis from last week, so he just decided to pack it up and head home for the winter. Yet, for some odd reason, FSM’s general manager Jack Donovan claims he’s surprised.

“He surprised us,” Donovan said Thursday. “I like Jack Clark, we were planning on using him for the rest of the season, but he decided he was through.”

Clark said the move wasn’t tied to any fallout from his strong comments. He said that because he is used sparingly, an average of about 40 times each of the past two years, he is involved in other ventures. He said conflicts sometimes arise, and that’s the case now.

Let’s all hope that Clark makes it back next season. Even though I’m sure he can’t top his analysis from this season, he has to at least give it the old Jack Clark try.

Jack Clark pulls out as FSM analyst (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

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