It’s Officially Football Season, So That Means Steve Spagnuolo Is Sleeping In The Bathroom (Again)

Steve Spagnulo

Steve Spagnuolo understands that turning around the hapless St. Louis Rams won’t be an easy job. But for some crazy reason, Spagnuolo has signed up to try his hand at it. After leading the Rams to a 1-15 record, it’s safe to say that the first go round didn’t work out too well. But Spagnuolo isn’t about to let a little thing like having a 14 games under .500 career coaching record stop him from putting in the time.

So Spagnuolo has turned to working long days and any sleep that he does get will be in the comfortable confines of his office bathroom.

Steve Spagnuolo is absolutely, positively ready for his second season as the Rams’ head coach.

We know this because he’s sleeping in the bathroom again.

Umm … the bathroom?

Yes, it’s tucked in the back of his office on the second floor at Rams Park. The bathroom has the usual amenities, including a shower, a lavatory and toiletries. But last season Spagnuolo added a single bed.

Yes, Steve Spagnuolo is a man that believes in being comfortable.

And when the coach stays up late at the office, reviewing video, he tries to sleep in the bathroom for a few hours to save time and make a quick pivot back to work in the morning.

Not that a 1-15 rookie coach can sleep peacefully. When I asked Spagnuolo what it was like to go 1-15 last season as a rookie coach, he laughed and pointed to the bathroom. “You see that small little room? I spent some time back there,” he said.

Looks like whoever said you shouldn’t “s#@& where you sleep” forgot to tell Steve Spagnuolo.

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  1. Stevie J's Dreads says:

    I'll bet he avoids burritos and anything with onions on nights he has to sleep at work.

    Either that, or he invests heavily in home fragrance products.

    I wouldn't give up my burritos, personally.

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