In Today’s Least Surprising News, Ines Sainz Gets An Offer To Pose Nude For Playboy

Ines Sainz

During the hold dust up that happened when TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz visited NY Jets’ practice, the folks over at Playboy saw something that they liked. So what does Playboy do when they see something they like? They ask that person to show off what they like, but without any clothes on what they like. But before you get all excited, TMZ says it probably won’t happen. Not now, at least.

Sources involved in the negotiations confirm Hugh Hefner’s people reached out with a “pretty big offer” involving a huge payday and the cover — as long as the Mexican reporter strips down to her traje de cumpleaños.

But don’t get too excited — sources close to Ines tell us her network prohibits talent from posing in the buff.

Hopefully, her contract is up soon.

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