Here’s Some Meaningless Information From A Meaningless Story About Nick Saban’s ESPN Commercial

Nick Saban loves his Little Debbies

Guess I won’t waste too much of your time with this. But if a newspaper deems this as information that the public should know, who are we to argue?

The story comes from the outtakes of Nick Saban’s ESPN commercial where he proclaims that having “two Little Debbies and a cup of coffee” is a Gameday tradition of his. Things take a turn toward providing the public with meaningless information when Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reporter, Tom Murphy decided to ask Saban about what actually took place during the commercial, and when Don Kausler, Jr of the Tuscaloosa Bureau decided to write a story about it.

“Was there a trick of photography on that commercial of ESPN or did you really eat the Little Debbie that hit the carpet?” asked Tom Murphy, an Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reporter who previously covered the Crimson Tide for the Press-Register. (For the record, Murphy asked a serious question first.)

“I just do what they tell me when I do their stuff,” Saban said.

“The thing I remember most is that there were 33 takes, and after 17 bites, I couldn’t take anymore Little Debbies.”

No, don’t thank me for that tidbit. All the thanks should go to Don Kausler, Jr. He’s earned it.

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