The Glory Lines: Braylon Edwards T-Shirts, Redskins Cut Larry Johnson, Roy Halladay Gets His 20th Victory, & Tennessee Self Reports Numerous Violations

Braylon Edwards t-shirts

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Braylon Edwards T-Shirt Sales to Help Pay His Bail (Thunder Treats)

Kevin Faulk may have torn ACL (Boston Globe)

Anonymous Jets Player on Braylon Edwards: “Some People Can’t Handle Success” (Black Sports Online)

Roy Halladay Notches 20th Win as Phils Extend Lead (CSN Philly)

Redskins opt to part ways with Larry Johnson (Washington Post)

Extension for Ozzie Guillen or off to Marlins? (Fox Sports)

Boozed-Up Oregon State Wrestler Starts Fistfight With Yard Light, Gets Arrested (Sportress of Blogitude)

Documents show Tennessee self-reported numerous violations (ESPN)

Please don’t make this kid go into the Auburn store

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