Dwight Howard Prefers Kevin Durant Over LeBron James

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard was on the Dan Patrick show yesterday and he discussed a myriad of topics. Most interesting was the “who would you rather have” question that finds its way on radio shows. The question usually involves Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, but Dan Patrick decided to go a different route. His question involved LeBron James and Kevin Durant. And Howard’s answer may surprise you.

On whether he would rather have Kevin Durant or LeBron James:

“I’m going to go with Kevin. I like Kevin. I watched him in high school and had a chance to talk to him at an NBA camp before he got drafted.”

So my takeaway from this interview is you think that LeBron is overrated and Kevin Durant is better than him.

“Wow. I never said that. LeBron is not overrated.”

Not sure if I’m quite ready to go with Durant over James, but the gap is certainly closing.

Dwight Howard Would Take Kevin Durant Over LeBron James (Sports Radio Interviews)

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