The Detroit Lions Are Adding Pseudocheerleaders, But They’re Not Quite Sure How To Use Them

Detroit Pride

I’m sure that you were unaware that the Detroit Lions haven’t had cheerleaders in their existence in the city of Detroit. An existence that dates all the way back to 1934. I’m also sure that the Detroit Lions have decided to let a group called the Detroit Pride to act as their cheerleaders that aren’t really cheerleaders this. Where the problem lies in this is that the Lions really don’t know how to effectively use this group of cheerleaders that aren’t really cheerleaders. And since they don’t seem to understand this whole cheerleading phenomenon, the Detroit Pride had to deal with things like this:

They’re not recognized as the Lions official cheerleaders. In fact, team officials and the Pride had to agree on a few rules of etiquette before the group was allowed inside Ford Field

And you best believe that the “few rules of etiquette” defeat the entire purpose of having cheerleaders that aren’t really cheerleaders.

• They are not allowed to perform organized cheers.

• They cannot obstruct the view of fans.

• They are not allowed to take group photos with fans. Only two girls may appear in photos, so they plan to walk through Ford Field in rows of two.

• They cannot wear Lions logos or team colors. Although there is blue in their uniforms, it will not be “Honolulu blue.”

The Pride will be like any of the other 60,000 fans, just differently.

And there you have it. Reason number 1,478,389 why watching a Detroit Lions game is utterly useless. Well, other than watching them get screwed.

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