Bob Stoops Wants Sooners Fans To Sing The National Anthem Correctly Just This Once

Bob Stoops

Full disclosure: I’m still reeling from the beat down Oklahoma put on my Florida State Seminoles so I’ll attempt to bring you this story without added any of my opinion to. We’ll see how it goes.

At any rate, the Sooners are playing gracious hosts to the Air Force Academy this weekend. And as gracious hosts, Bob Stoops want his guests to feel at home. (Unless of course, the guest is the Florida State Seminoles.) So Stoops has asked Sooners fans to break from the norm and actually sing the National Anthem correctly.

NORMAN, OKLA. — Coach Bob Stoops is asking Oklahoma fans to break a new tradition and sing the proper words at the end of the national anthem when Air Force plays at Owen Field on Saturday.

Many fans have taken to shouting “home of the Sooners” instead of “home of the brave” at the conclusion of the song.

Stoops issued a challenge Tuesday that “hopefully with our people being here and Air Force coming here, we’ll surely be loud in singing ‘home of the brave’ and nothing else.”

Where was all this hospitality last week when you were dropping 47 points on my ‘Noles, Bob?

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops to Sooners fans: Sing the national anthem correctly (Dallas Morning News)

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  1. Easily the stupidest trend I have seen at sporting events.

    I was at an Angel-Red Sox game in Anaheim and right at the end of the song, this idiot sitting 2 rows in front of me, screams at the top of his lungs "… and the home of the Red Sox." This huge guy across the aisle, turns looks at him after the song, and in a huge booming voice, says, "Show the song more f-ing respect a-hole."

  2. I'm with the huge guy with booming voice.

    Really disrespectful trend.

    People have fought and died for that song and the flag going up when it is being sung.

    It deserves our total respect.

  3. Yes, indeed the song should be honored with the nation it represents "home of the brave" it is. Oklahoma loves it's football…only! To heck with the everything else. Take a drive on their roads.

  4. this is an employee of ours (Stoops) telling us what to do! Not here not ever!!!

  5. PFC William S. Johnson says:

    With all due repect to Stoops, who is argueably one of the better coaches in the country, I feel that he has the right to say things like, "at least this time" because of the BRAVE men and women' like myself, who have fought for his freedom of speech. We have put OUR lives on the line, as well as leaving our families for countless nights, so people have the RIGHT to say as they wish, even though it is totally DISRESPECTFUL to the flag; to Uncle Sam; to the many brave soldiers; and most importantly, to the ones who have given THEIR lives to protect YOURS; all while giving you the freedoms that you enjoy.

  6. No one has given their life to protect mine. No one has fought for our freedom since the Revolution in the 1700s. Every war since then has been about money, and money alone. If you're going to give respect to anyone, give it not even to our founding fathers, but to the numerous, nameless soldiers that gave us our freedom from England. Joining the military is no longer the noble cause that it used to be. "Uncle Sam" is the only one currently taking any of our freedoms away, passing laws that violate our basic human rights of speech, expression, and privacy. Sing what you want, people. The song (which was a poem originally, remember 1st grade history?) and the flag aren't what you need to be worrying about; instead, focus on the constitution. I respect you, Mr. William Johnson, but I think you've been misinformed as to what you're fighting for.

  7. The guy the posted the last comment about all the wars since the revolution being about money is an IDIOT! Normally I wouldn't spend the time to comment, but I had to say something to this moron. I can think of at least 5 wars that were absolutely necessary. One was mainly about slavery, one was to stop the spread of Hitlers empire and a couple were attempts to stop spread of communism, which completely takes away your freedom. You are obviously the one who has been misinformed.

  8. I also served in the military during war time. I like all others volunteered and do not now assume to posses some higher moral ground because of it. I served so these fans would have the right to sing whatever they want. They honor me and all that have served by exercising their freedom of speech. Lighten up.

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