Andre Berto Calls Out Shane Mosley On Twitter And On Video

Andre Berto and Shane Mosley was supposed to fight a couple of months ago, but it was postponed due to the earthquake in Haiti where Berto has family. But now that Berto has everything in order, he has his sights back on Mosely and he dropped this on twitter to prove it.

Andre Berto twitter page

He also had a few things to say with the camera rolling. And just for good measure, he also called out a few more people.

Andre Berto Calls Out Shane Mosley At Club Miami from on Vimeo.

Hope Berto can back all this up because he going to start getting the attention he wants.

Video via ATL Night Spots

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  1. Berto a good fighter but not a legend yet, calling out Mayweather, Mosley or Cotto is career suicide.

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