Amar’e Stoudamire Explains Why He Once Chose Steve Nash Over Kobe Bryant

The argument can be made that Steve Nash joining the Phoenix Suns is the sole reason for Amar’e Stoudamire becoming that player that he is today. The argument can also be made that Nash is the sole reason that Stoudamire has been able to cash in with the New York Knicks. So make no mistake about it, Steve Nash joining him Phoenix was vital.

But no matter how vital Nash was, Stoudamire chose Nash over someone who may have been even more vital to his development. That someone was Kobe Bryant. Stoudamire explains to The Arizona Republic why he chose Steve Nash over arguably the best player in the NBA when approached by management for his two cents.

“The question ownership asked to me was, ‘Who do I want – Jason Kidd, Steve Nash or Kobe Bryant?’ I said Steve. Over Kobe. At the time, Kobe had a reputation for being selfish and Steve was the ultimate point guard. I felt like that’s what we needed. We had Joe Johnson and Shawn Marion. We just didn’t have a PG to control tempo. Kidd was banged up after microfracture (knee surgery).”

We all know what happened in the aftermath. Kobe stayed in LA and eventually won a few titles. Nash went on to win a few MVPs. The Suns could never make it over that hump. And Stoudamire has now moved on to New York.

So I guess we all see what should’ve been his decision.

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