What About Tom Brady’s Contract?

The New England Patriots and QB Tom Brady have not reached a new contract agreement and it doesn’t look like an agreement will be reached anytime soon.

Brady is in the final year of a 6-year/$60M contract that was signed in May of 2005.

Take a look at Brady’s resume: Three Super Bowl rings, 2 Super Bowl MVP’s, the 2007 NFL MVP and five Pro Bowl selections. Gaudy accomplishments right?  So why is the Jacksonville Jaguars QB David Garrard’s contract of equal value to Brady’s?

Garrard’s a good QB and like I him, he’s my hometown QB, excuse the partiality, but let’s get real. His achievements, when compared to Tom Brady’s, are minimal at best.

Robert Kraft’s only option is to open up the check book, rip out a blank check and had it to Tom Brady.

After all, Brady has other options. He’d be the top free agent next summer-barring a debacle with the NFLPA negotiations after the season- and he’s still married to Giselle. The Giselle factor pretty much trumps everything else, lucky bastard.

Tom Brady is 33 years old and is expected to among the top paid QB’s in the league after a new contract is authored.

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