University of Minnesota’s Offensive Line Turns To Horrible Haircuts To Help With Blocking

The Minnesota Golden Golphers offensive line had a little trouble blocking last season. So this summer they’ve decided to change some things. No, they’re not changing their scheme. No they’re not changing their stances. And no, they’re not putting in extra time.

What they are changing is their hairstyles. Because we all know that’s the key to have a cohesive offensive line.

Seniors performing the haircut of their choice on the heads of true freshmen is a Gophers tradition among offensive linemen. At least that’s what the freshmen were told before they climbed into a makeshift barber chair a week into fall camp.

The haircuts were the brainchild of [senior guard Matt] Carufel and [senior center D.J.]Burris, who see them as a bonding experience. And it’s not like the upperclassmen are making the freshmen suffer alone. Senior linemen were allowed to choose their hairstyle, and Burris is sporting a Mohawk while Carufel has a mullet. Seniors Jeff Wills and Dom Alford have yet to be convinced that new hairstyles are an aid in bonding.

But juniors, sophomores and redshirt freshmen are sporting mandatory Mohawks, which almost everyone admits is favorable to the, ah, unique styles of the first-year linemen.

Looks like the coaches will have a new rally cry on the recruiting trail. “Come to the University of Minnesota where you can be a part of a horrible offensive line while sporting a horrible haircut.”

Really bad hair day might be right look for U offensive line (Star Tribune)

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