10 Must See Games Of This Year’s College Football Season

Now that the season is just days away, here are the 10 games that you don’t want to miss

North Carolina VS LSU

Much is at stake in the Georgia Dome as a win could jump start the season for one of these teams. Even though the NCAA has meddled with the defense of Tar Heels, this game still has the potential to be good. The one thing I do know about this matchup is that it is going to be a hard hitting, low scoring game.

Virginia Tech VS Boise State

On Labor Day night, all eyes will be on this game because of what it means for both teams. For the Hokies, winning this game puts them in a great position for a national title run. For Boise State it’s simple. You win this game and you’re playing for the national title because nobody else on their schedule is going to beat them.

Miami VS Ohio State

If you follow these two programs, you know that there is still a lot of bad blood due to the National Title game in 2003. Miami still hasn’t gotten over that game and would love to spoil the Buckeyes National Title hopes. A Buckeyes victory keeps the train rolling towards a National Title berth.

Penn State VS Alabama

It’s been a long time since traditional programs like these two were matched up early in the season. Alabama will still be looking to replace some defensive starters from last year’s team and Penn State will be breaking in a new QB.

Texas VS Oklahoma

The Red River Shootout is always one of the best rivalry games to watch and this year it will be same. On paper, Oklahoma has the better team but not by that much. This game will mostly determine who represents the Big 12 South in the Big 12 Championship game.

Florida VS Alabama

This is a rematch from last year’s SEC Championship game mix with a lot of bad blood to go along with it. Alabama players were doing the gator chop after they beat Florida and I bet Urban Meyer will be playing that tape over and over in the week leading up to the game.

Florida State VS Miami

After last year’s game, you know that this is an exciting rivalry game to watch. Now depending on how both teams do against the big road tests they have, both teams could come into this game undefeated which would make the game even more exciting.

Texas VS Nebraska

Cornhusker fans still have a bad taste in their mouths after what happened in the Big 12 Championship game last year. Mack Brown has to make sure his team is ready for this game because Nebraska certainly has this game circled on their schedule.

Ohio State VS Iowa

The winner of this game could be in line to win the Big 10 title. Both teams will bring good defenses into the game but this is the type of game that your quarterback has to win for you.

Alabama VS Auburn

The Tigers gave Alabama all they could handle last year and I think Auburn fans feel that they can beat them. I really want to see how Mark Ingram plays in this game because Auburn really roughed him up last year. So I wonder how he will be mentally going into this game.

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