Someone Please Put a Muzzle on Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens Roger Clemens was indicted by a federal grand jury on Thursday for obstruction of Congress and perjury.

For some apparent reason, Clemens took the stand back in 2008 to tell his side of the steroid story-lie-and address allegations made by his former trainer Brian McNamee.

Clemens did not have to testify before Congress; he had already given a testimony and the feds considered that sufficient.

As it stands today, its very likely that Clemens will serve some time in jail. At this point, most sane people would avoid a trial at all cost and plead guilty, but Clemens is doing the opposite.

He is speaking via Twitter proclaiming his innocence and eagerness to go to trial.

In case he has forgotten, Andy Pettite and Brian McNamee, in sworn testimonies, have already admitted to their own wrong doings and have implicated Clemens steroid use also.

This is not Law & Order; there will be no miracle witness to exonerate him just before the trial ends. This is reality and his narcissism, pride and defiance will be the primary factors contributing to his downfall.

His lawyer, Rusty Hardin, should encourage his client to stay away from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and all other social media outlets. Right now his silence would be golden and it even may influence a judge to be lenient during his sentencing.

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