So What Exactly Would Push LeGarrette Blount To Punch A Man In The Face?

It’s a question that we’ve not quite had answered. All we knew was Oregon had just lost to Boise State and all of a sudden LeGarrette Blount knocked Boise State’s Byron Hout the f#$% out. The days to follow were filled with slow motion replays, fast motion replays, and a lot of laughter. But the one thing missing in it all was, why?

Today, Bryon Hout answers why and more importantly, what not to say after beating LeGarette Blount’s team in a game of football.

Hout, pumped up by the Broncos’ 19-8 defeat of Oregon in last year’s season opener, slapped Blount on the shoulder. The running back had told Sports Illustrated that the Ducks owed the Broncos an “ass-whuppin’.”

“How ’bout that (blank)-whuppin’?” Hout said he told Blount.

Blount responded with a right hand to the jaw that dropped Hout to the blue turf. Blount was suspended for most of the season; Hout, who was disciplined internally, was criticized on national TV and teased relentlessly in the locker room.

“Everybody else besides him was laughing,” junior tailback D.J. Harper said.

New acquaintances still tell Hout, “Oh, you’re that guy,” he said.

Oh yes, he’s that guy. And we need to be thanking him for letting us know how we can not be that guy.

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  1. Allan Kolstad says:

    I blame it on Bush!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Now that I know that, I'm going to nch Hout myself. Too many potatoe's in Houts diet. Made him too slow to react after saying that to a loser after the game. He shouls have thought that the other man would be too kean on his words.

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