Renee Gork Learned The Hard Way That They Don’t Play No Games In Arkansas

Bobby Petrino

As far as sports goes, the state of Arkansas only has one thing to cheer for. That’s the University of Arkansas. And they’ll be d@#ned if any other school will be cheered in their state. So that means you aint wearing shirts, hats, or anything else affiliated with another university on their watch. And you’re definitely not strolling into Bobby Petrino’s press conference wearing a Florida Gators hat and asking two questions. You may get away with one question, but definitely not two. And after it’s all said and done, you will be promptly fired.

Think it’s a game?  Just as Renne Gork.

Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino reprimanded an employee of Hog Sports Radio on Saturday for wearing a Florida Gator cap to a post-scrimmage press conference.

Apparently there were further consequences for radio host Renee Gork, who committed the fashion and professional faux pas while on the clock for 99.5 FM in NWA.

Gork, a University of Florida graduate tweeted Monday from the station’s Twitter account that she had been fired. Her hope was to apologize on air.

And just how does Bobby Petrino handle reporters asking questions while wearing a Florida Gators hat? Well let’s see, shall we?

Cold blooded.

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