My Last Brett Favre Article, Ever

He is laughing at us all, literally.

Sports fans, journalists, bloggers and even his employers have been bamboozled and humiliated by this man, Brett Favre, that was once a legend.

Yes, was a legend. Quintessential superstars and legends don’t publicly sway back and forth before retiring. Favre has verbally retired at least three times, including this week, but each time has changed his mind.

I applaud the Green Bay Packers for not playing along. They heard his retirement speech, gave Aaron Rodgers the keys to the team and moved forward, simple.

They didn’t allow Favre to hold them hostage like the Minnesota Vikings have done, even though it would have been better understood if they did.

Check this out, Brett Favre is still under contract with the Vikings and he hasn’t been to an OTA, workout or mini-camp session with his teammates at all this summer.

Does he really care about This team? No. He only cares about his career stats and checkbook.

Of course he’s coming back. He’s only 3 TD’s away from 500 (497) and less than 700 passing yards away from 70,000. In addition, the ball-less Vikings are willing to increase his salary from $13M to a possible $20M.

Assuming he plays this year and they lose in the Super Bowl, what then? Do you give him one more year? If they do, it’ll never end.

Brett Favre is now a grandfather and if the Vikings don’t end this relationship this year, they will be including his grand kids college tuition into his next contract.

I wish the ol’ gunslinger a prosperous and healthy future, but I won’t waste another typed word on his life, career or retirements.

I’m over it.

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