Let’s Pause For A Moment To Recognize A Young Playa

A young playa

You see the photo, now read the explanation.

The kid signing for the cheerleaders was probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year. The cheerleaders threw out first pitches and then went over to the wall to sign for fans. After a couple of minutes that kid came down and said “Hey ladies, how’d ya like my autograph?”. The girls laughed and didn’t really know what to say, but since they were still holding the balls from their pitches the kid reached over, took one, and started signing it. As he handed it back, he said, “So, can I have your number?” The girls were speechless.

That is all.

Context Clues, Crooners, Cruises, and Daring To Be Stupid (Ben’s Biz Blog)

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