LeGarrette Blount Just Can’t Fight The Urge To Punch A Man In The Face

Everyone’s favorite puncher did what he does best at the end of Tennessee Titans practice last night. He punched a man. And seeing as though we’ve chronicled what made LeGarrette Blount punch an amateur player, we certainly don’t know, nor care, what made him continue his punching ways as a professional. But what we do know is that we just may have a serial puncher on our hands.

Tennessee Titans running back LeGarrette Blount punched teammate Eric Bakhtiari in the face mask at the end of a red zone drill in Wednesday night’s practice.

Blount, who punched Boise State player Byron Hout in a much-publicized incident last year at the University of Oregon, had just returned to the team in time for the practice after being away to apparently attend a family funeral.

If you happen to be interested in hearing what Blount has to say about all this AND see the punch with your own eyes, roll with us on this journey.

The punch brought an end to the practice and brought out an apology from the rookie running back, one that Coach Jeff Fisher said was unnecessary, as the incident was just a by-product of a physical training practice.

“I promised that that was behind me and that was my past and it just came up again and I got into one of those situations where the defense pushed me too far,” Blount said, speaking of his reason for apologizing. “But with training camp and everything going and it being as intense as it is, and me being a rookie, it was something I shouldn’t have done, but I did it.”

Guess we should’ve all seen this coming because once a man’s fist gets the taste of another man’s face, he’s hooked. And he must punch again.

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