If You Have Plans To Visit Eagles Camp, Be Sure To Leave Your Donovan McNabb Redskins Jersey At Home

Let’s make a list of what to bring and what not to bring for a day at Philadelphia Eagles training camp.

What to bring
1. Water
2. Snacks
3. Sunglasses
4. Sun screen
5. Another shirt just in case you bring something you’re not allowed to bring

What not bring
1. Donovan McNabb Washington Redskins jersey.

A fan wearing a Donovan McNabb No. 5 Redskins jersey was asked to remove it. The reason? The fan said the security guard told him Andy Reid took notice when asking him to remove the jersey.
The fan, Jim Devlin, did not put up a fight when asked to take the jersey off, nor was he escorted from the practice field.

See, that’s why you pack that extra shirt. You never know when Andy Reid will want to you to deshirt.

Fan Asked To Take Off Redskins McNabb Jersey (Philly Sports Daily)

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