Here’s An Inside Look On How Three Grown Men Begged Another Grown Man To Play Football With Them

By now you know that the Minnesota Vikings sent three of their players down to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to try and convince Brett Favre to play another season. And I’m sure you know by now that Brett Favre agreed jumped on a plane and is now in Minnesota. But what we don’t know is what exactly happened in this meeting.

What exactly did the trio say/do to move Brett Favre? Nothing? Begged until they couldn’t beg anymore? Feet washing? Serving of fruit? Fanning? Massaging? What did it?

Well, Steve Hutchison was a member of the trio and he spilled the beans to NFL Network’s Rich Eisen. And unfortunately, I can’ confirm that all of the above happened. But one thing I can confirm is that there WAS a sleepover!

According to Hutchinson, the Vikings asked him, Allen and Longwell to visit Favre in Mississippi and either bring him back or wish him well in retirement. The trio arrived at Favre’s house too late Monday to have a conversation and stayed overnight on the premises. In the morning, Hutchinson said, Favre took everyone on a tour of his property, then the subject of his possible return or retirement was broached.

“We told him how much all the guys loved playing with him and that we would love to do it again,” Hutchinson told Eisen. “We also told him that if he didn’t want to do it, then congratulations, you deserve it. You’ve had an incredible career, but we’ve got to know one way or another.”

Hutchinson said Favre then did most of the talking, leaving the seven-time Pro Bowl guard with the impression that the quarterback had pondered his decision for several weeks, if not months. Over the course of two to three hours, broken up over two chats, Favre told Hutchinson, Allen and Longwell how much he loved playing with them and the other Vikings last season and also raved about the “special bond” they instantly formed.

At that point, according to Hutchinson, Favre matter-of-factly said, “OK, let’s do it.”

“I wish I had some sort of fairy-tale story about the way it all happened, but it really was not a big moment or anything,” Hutchinson said.

No need to down play the moment Steve. That indeed sounds like a fairy-tale story to me.

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