The Glory Lines: Head & Shoulders Insures Troy Polamalu’s Hair, Bob Bradley To Remain As US Soccer Head Coach, Matt Leinart May Get Cut, & Brian Billick Expresses His Dislike For Rex Ryan’s Language

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Roger Clemens declared guilty (of questionable accessorizing) (Big League Stew)

Leinart should be concerned … about getting cut
(CBS Sports)

Head & Shoulders Insures Polamalu’s Hair (CNBC)

Bob Bradley gets four-year extension to coach U.S. men’s soccer team (NY Daily News)

Ron Artest hopes to eat vampire and werewolf, break teen hearts (Ball Don’t Lie)

Felon Who Stole $900M Ready To Rat Out ‘The U’ (SPORTSbyBROOKS)

Pottymouth Brian Billick doesn’t like Rex Ryan’s pottymouth (Shutdown Corner)

Here’s the “Around The Horn” gang attempting to discuss their fallen comrade, Jay Mariotti

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