Come For The Minor League Baseball, Stay To Watch A Man Get Set On Fire

Savannah Sand Gnats are going to set a man on fire

Minor league baseball teams are notorious for their promotions. Some are cheesy, some are rather entertaining, and some are plain outright dumb. No matter what category a team’s promotions fall under, they all have one goal. Sell tickets. Because of such a lofty goal, these minor league clubs get all their creative folks in one room and try to figure out just what would get people to come out to watch one of their games.

Bobbleheads? So 2000.

Free food? Maybe

C list celebrities? Yeah right.

Letting a fan set someone on fire and then watch him circle the bases? Jackpot! Well, for the Savannah Sand Gnats at least.

The Savannah Sand Gnats are truly bringing the heat with a first-ever fire promotion at a minor league baseball game on Saturday, August 14 with Guinness World Record Holder, Ted Batchelor. After the Sand Gnats’ game against the Kannapolis Intimidators, which will begin at 6:05, and before the evening’s fireworks show, one lucky fan will light Batchelor on fire; he will then circle the bases at Historic Grayson Stadium.

Batchelor, 51, owns the Guinness World Record for the “Longest full-body burn without supplied oxygen” at 2 minutes, 57 seconds, set in Rome, Italy on February 25th, 2010. He and his crew also set the World Record for the “most people on fire simultaneously” at 17, on Pizak Farm in South Russell, OH, on September 20, 2009.

Now, THAT’S what I call a promotion.

Guinness World Record Holder to Circle the Bases While Engulfed in Flames (Savannah Sand Gnats News)

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