Brian Cushing Creates New Disorder To Explain His Positive PED Test

Houston Texans linebacker, Brian Cushing is currently suspended for the first 4 games of the NFL regular season for testing positive for the drug hCG. Of course, Cushing has maintained that he hasn’t taken anything. But unlike other athletes that have found themselves in this situation, Cushing has decided to prove his case by creating a disorder that he says lead to the positive test. He calls the disorder, “Overtrained Athlete Syndrome.”

To show you just how convinced Cushing is of his own story, he even took the time to explain the inner workings of his made up disorder to SI’s Peter King.

In an interview here Friday, Cushing said he thinks he knows why he tested positive for elevated levels of hCG. “Everything points to that overtrained athlete syndrome,” Cushing said, walking back to the Texans’ locker room after their afternoon practice. “I’m pretty sure it is. I’m pretty positive. I didn’t take anything. It’s not a tainted supplement. So all roads lead to that.”

The syndrome results from athletes training intensely for a long period, with the possibility of a testosterone imbalance resulting when an athlete stops training. I must stress the word “possibility,” because no player in the history of the NFL substance-abuse program before Cushing tested positive for the higher level of hCG. The widespread belief in NFL circles was that a player who tests positive for hCG would be a steroid user trying to re-start regular testosterone production after it has been interrupted in a cycle of steroid use.

So what’s more believable? Cushing really does have “Overtrained Athlete Syndrome or he has “Idiot Athlete Syndrome”? I think I’ll go on record and say the latter.

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