Breaking: Brett Favre Is On A High School Football Field!!!!!!

There’s no need to be pissed off at the amount of coverage Brett Favre will ganer over the next few weeks. Just embrace it because there will be no way to escape it. Take today for an example. Less than 24 hours after reports of Favre’s impending retirement comes word from NFL Network’s Scott Hanson that the old gunslinger is on a Mississippi high school football field at this very moment.

Favre is on the high school field in Hattiesburg. Check NFLN for more.

Oh, and as you may have guessed, that’s not all. There’s also the “family source that says Favre hasn’t made a decision. And to top that off, NFL Network’s Steve Mariucci said Favre has told him the same exact thing.

The Sun Herald has skinny from the family source:

GULFPORT — A family source told the Sun Herald this afternoon that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has made no decision regarding a 20th season in the NFL.

“Brett has not made a commitment to play or a decision to return at this point,” the family source said.

And from Mariucci:

“So the question mark is, how fast can he be healthy?” Mariucci said on NFL Network’s NFL Total Access. “He’s trying. He’s trying like crazy. He was working out in his yard today, he told me.

“He’s aware of this media frenzy right now. He’s not quite sure where it all came from. I mean, he spoke to some people. … He may have mentioned to somebody that he’s leaning that way, because his ankle is not perfect. But right now, he hasn’t retired. He’s still trying to get healthy. He doesn’t know if he’s going to be able to be healthy in time. That’s the question mark right now.”

“Right now, he told me, ‘I’m trying to get my body healthy,’ said Mariucci, who added that the quarterback has another week or so to see if his ankle is ready. “The Vikings haven’t given him a timetable to be in camp at Mankato State — they don’t want him in the camp right now. They would prefer that he waited and stayed home to heal up even more and do what he did last year and show up at Eden Prairie, if he can.”

So what can we make of all this? Absolutely nothing. And you were kidding yourself if you actually thought that this was over. So again, just embrace it. It’ll all be over soon. Hopefully.

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