So Now We Have Headbutting At The Tour de France

Headbutting at the Tour de France

I know you’re trying your best to ignore the Tour de France, but the Tour de France just aint having it. Every time you think you can turn away from it, something else happens to reel you back in. First, it was the stray dog on the course. Then, it was a cyclist trying to hit another cyclist with one of the wheels from his bicycle. And today? A headbutt. Yes, a headbutt.

Mark Renshaw has been expelled from the Tour de France after helping his HTC-Columbia team-mate Mark Cavendish to victory on stage 11 by using his head.

Australian Renshaw was three times seen to head butt rival leadout man Julian Dean (Team Garmin-Transitions) in the run-in to the finish of stage 11 in Bourg-les-Valence.

Oh yes, this happened at the Tour de France. And oh yes, there’s video.

To keep his team-mate in the best possible position, Australian Renshaw moved rival Dean – leading out Farrar – out of his way with three head butts to the New Zealander’s side.
Dean was manoeuvred to one side and Farrar’s challenge faltered as Cavendish exploded off Renshaw’s wheel in customary fashion to claim a comfortable win by three bike lengths.
Physical contact is permitted, but organisers deemed Renshaw’s tactic to be illegal.

Man. Who knew the Tour de France would be so entertaining? (You didn’t, don’t lie) And most importantly, who knew we would actually be on post #3 about the Tour de France? (You didn’t, don’t lie)

But I gotta tell you, if they keep these antics up, we just may have to “cover” this whole shindig. (I’m lying)

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