Miami Heat: Your New NBA Champs

In the midst of the fallout of the ‘LeBron James Saga’ and allegations of tampering, the Miami Heat are poised to make, literally, an overnight rise to the top of the NBA’s Eastern Conference standings.

LeBron James and Chris Bosh were somehow swayed to join Dwyane Wade in Miami instantly creating a super team.

When you look past all the hoopla and childish rhetoric, this team will potentially be the best in the NBA.

Many believe that these three egos are too big to coexist in harmony, but they have already passed their biggest test of selflessness, they gave up money. Yes, the benjamins, buckaroos or squilla as Master P would put it.

In today’s world of sports, money has become paramount, not winning nor pride, but the contract. Wade, Bosh and James all left $15M+ on the table in order to increase their chances of winning.

So what did these star athletes get for putting the team concept ahead of their personal bank accounts, they got verbal lashings from media outlets, NBA analysts and thousands of bloggers around the nation.

For what? All of these guys honored their respective contracts and subsequently made career decisions that were in their best interest, not in the best interest of their owners or the fans.

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert even claimed that Lebron James is ‘narcissistic,’ and used the phrase “cowardly betrayal” when responding to his feelings about his decision to leave Cleveland.

One thing Dan Gilbert and owners in all professional sports won’t claim, is that they are loyal. They are only loyal to themselves. They trade, release and acquire players when it’s in their best interest, so why can’t a player exercise the same, league given, right when the appropriate time is at hand.

As I digress, the Miami Heat will win the 2010-11 NBA Finals, the only question in my mind is, will it be Lebron, Wade or Bosh as the Finals MVP.

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  1. randyratliff3 says:

    Still think they are locks to win the Finals this year? Three players don't make a team. That was a retarded prediction. They can't beat the elite teams. D Wade is the only closer on that team, and Lebron is taking all of his end of game shots and briking them off the front of the rim, or airballing them completely. I takes a team to win. Maybe you should read more about the sport of basketball, you'd realize that.

  2. Los Brown says:

    The reason I made this prediction is because I know basketball. Good teams do well, i.e. Atlanta Hawks and the Orlando Magic, but superstars win championships 95% of the time. It's been that way in the NBA for the last 50 years and it's not gonna change just because you don't like the Heat.

  3. Prediction failed, The super power team lost to old guys.

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