Let’s Take A Moment To Revisit A Few Of Lou Piniella’s Finest Moments

The news concerning Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella’s impending retirement at the end of the season came so swiftly yesterday that we were unable to muster a proper send off for Sweet Lou. Today is the day we’ll take care of that.

As a Cubs fan, I’m kinda sad to see Lou go, but I completely understand his decision. The man is tired. He just can’t fight the battle of being associated with that Cubs emblem any longer. I totally understand. In fact, I myself retired years ago from my full time viewing of the Chicago Cubs. Something like that just takes a lot of a man. Sweet Lou should be commended for hanging in there as long as he did.

But enough of my Cubs pity party. This post is to celebrate Lou Piniella. And celebrate Lou Piniella we will do.

Even as a player (and on poor video quality), Sweet Lou never disappointed

Lou always had a talent for kicking things that otherwise wouldn’t be kicked. Whether it was a hat…..

Or dirt, Lou was never shy about throwing the old leg around.

Lou may not have been the quickest guy out of the dugout, but when he got there, he made up for any lost time.

Lou was never one to hold his tongue. Even if that means ripping on broadcasters that are on his team’s payroll.

So with that, we bid farewell to Sweet Lou Piniella. May the Cubs not end up in last place in your final season.

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