The Jacksonville Jaguars Have A New Stadium Name

It’s been three years since the Jaguars had a name for their stadium, but on Tuesday that all came to an end. Jacksonville-based EverBank’s deal, signed in the wee hours of Tuesday morning after months of negotiations, puts one of the largest banks based in Florida on the national map.

“It’s a long-term marketing move” by Everbank, said Ben Bishop, chairman of Allen C. Ewing & Co., an independent investment bank based in Jacksonville and Charlotte. “They’ve become a major banking institution in the state and they recognize this.”

And for Jaguars fans who thought that the team was going to be headed to LA, owner Wayne Weaver dispells those rumors.

“EverBank’s sponsorship demonstrates its confidence that Jacksonville is a viable NFL market.”

The best part of the deal, for EverBank at least, is a clause where EverBank wil receive $100,000 when Jaguars games are blacked out. Everbank must be laughing all the to the bank because every Jaguar home game except the Denver game is scheduled to be blacked out.

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