If You Thought Boise State’s Blue Turf Couldn’t Get Any More Annoying, You Were Wrong

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It’s been awhile since we got to discuss the subject of annoying turf color, so I’m sure you’ve missed those talks. Well, that wait is officially over as the originators of annoying turf color have some how, some way, found a way to make their annoying turf color even more annoying.

That’s right, Boise State University has begun installing new FieldTurf that promises to be brighter and more annoying than the blue turf that you’ve grown accustomed to. And why you ask? To hush the complaints of TV viewers about how dull the turf looks during a telecast.

Just as an aside, if you actually know of anyone that actually complained about the old turf, please punch them in the face for me.


The blue turf is being replaced at no cost to the school by FieldTurf, which responded to complaints from fans and TV viewers about the turf’s dull, uneven shade of blue.

Fibers in the turf and the black rubber infill were cited as reasons for the appearance.

The new field certainly looks brighter and more consistent with the Broncos’ blue. But the black rubber infill has not yet been laid.

Construction began June 21 and is expected to be completed July 30 – a week before the Broncos open fall practice. The old turf is being returned to the manufacturer to be recycled.

Again, if you know of anyone that actually complained about the old turf, please punch them in the face for me.

Thanks again.

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    The Blue Turf is AWESOME!!!

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